C. H. K. Chen, July 2011
ARTEMIS Measurements of Turbulence in the Solar Wind.

The ARTEMIS spacecraft have spent extended periods of time in the solar wind, allowing the turbulent nature of the electric field fluctuations in solar wind to be studied in detail. Read more.

Jasper Halekas, April 2011
Observations of Lunar Surface Charging from Long Distances by ARTEMIS in the Geomagnetic Tail.

ARTEMIS makes the first quantitative remote observations of lunar surface charging, from a distant vantage point in the tail, and shows that the lunar surface can surprisingly develop large negative charges even in sunlight. Read more.

Stefan Wiehle, January 2011
First lunar wake passage of ARTEMIS: Discrimination of wake effects and solar wind fluctuations by 3D hybrid simulations.

The first lunar wake passage of ARTEMIS P1 was simulated with dynamic adjustments of the solar wind, allowing a separation of solar wind and lunar wake related effects as well as a good view of the plasma waves triggered by the Moon. Read more.

Jasper Halekas, December 2010
First Near Lunar Wake Flyby by ARTEMIS.

ARTEMIS observes a wake bubbling with plasma activity, as charged particle beams refill the wake, meeting in the central wake and driving strong electrostatic oscillations. Read more.

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