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J. Halekas, August 2013
The Effects of Reflected Protons on the Plasma Environment of the Moon for Parallel Interplanetary Magnetic Fields

For the unique case with the interplanetary magnetic field parallel to the solar wind flow, a column of reflected protons can accumulate upstream from the Moon, which can then interact with the incoming solar wind to drive significant foreshock-like turbulence, globally affecting the near-Moon plasma environment. Read more.

Y. Nishimura, June 2013
Identifying the magnetotail source region leading to pre-onset poleward boundary intensifications

The conjugate ARTEMIS and all-sky imager pair revealed that substorm pre-onset flows originate from the distant tail neutral line rather than from the near-Earth neutral line. Read more.

C.H.K. Chen, May 2013
Using ARTEMIS to Measure Small Scale Turbulence in the Solar Wind

The ARTEMIS spacecraft provide high time resolution measurements of the solar wind density, allowing us to investigate small scale turbulence. Using this data, we have been able to show that these fluctuations are predominantly kinetic Alfvén turbulence, rather than whistler turbulence. Read more.

A.R.. Poppe, May 2013
Model- and ARTEMIS-based constraints on the lunar exosphere

The ARTEMIS mission, currently in orbit around the Moon, has remotely observed the lunar exosphere by measuring freshly-ionized pick-up ions coming from the exosphere. Read more.

J.S. Halekas, May 2013
Utilizing ARTEMIS pickup ion observations to place constraints on the lunar atmosphere

Though we have known since the 1960s that the Moon has a tenuous atmosphere, its exact composition, structure, and dynamics remains poorly known. We present a method for deriving constraints on the structure and composition of the lunar atmosphere by utilizing pickup ion measurements from ARTEMIS. Read more.

Shanshan Li, January 2013
Plasmoid growth and expulsion revealed by two-point ARTEMIS observations

On October 12, 2011 the two ARTEMIS probes in lunar orbit sequentially observed a tailward-moving, expanding plasmoid. Their observations reveal a multi-layered plasma sheet composed of tailward-flowing hot plasma within the plasmoid surrounded by earthward-flowing, less energetic plasma. Read more.

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