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Yue Zhou, February 2022
Spatial scales of the velocity shear layer and Kelvin-Helmholtz waves on the magnetopause: First statistical results.

Using THEMIS data, we perform the first statistical study on the wavelength of Kelvin-Helmholtz (KH) waves on the magnetopause at lunar distance, showing that the KH waves at lunar distance are not of the fastest growing mode. Read more.

Wataru Sawaguchi and Yuki Harada, August 2022
Spectral Properties of Whistler-Mode Waves at the Moon

In this work we observe a variety of plasma disturbances driven by the Moon, which have many similarities to plasma processes operating in the Earth’s magnetosphere. Whistler-mode waves are one of the plasma waves observed around both the Moon and Earth. Read more.

Lianghai Xie, September 2022
Multipoint Observation of the Solar Wind Interaction with Strong Lunar Magnetic Anomalies by ARTEMIS Spacecraft and Chang'E-4 Rover

In this work, we present a unique multipoint observation of such an interaction by the ARTEMIS spacecraft and the Chang'E-4 rover. Both solar wind deceleration and penetration are observed by the Chang'E-4 rover on the lunar surface near the magnetic anomaly. Read more.

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