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S.A. Kiehas, January 2018
Fast plasma sheet flows in the Earth's distant magnetotail

Dawn-dusk asymmetry in fast flows indicates a preference for reconnection onset in the premidnight sector extending beyond lunar orbit. Read more.

Q. Q. Shi & Y. Ling, April 2018
ARTEMIS observations of Kelvin-Helmholtz waves in the Earth’s magnetotail

We report and analyze Kelvin-Helmholtz waves in an event observed by the ARTEMIS spacecraft in the magnetotail on 13 and 14 March 2014, with simultaneous observations by the Geotail spacecraft near the Earth. Read more.

S. Xu, April 2018
Intense Cross-Tail Field-Aligned Currents in the Plasma Sheet at Lunar Distances

The magnetotail current sheet is important for understanding the mechanisms of magnetic storms. Here we present data on the structure of the current sheet at lunar distances which is significantly different from the near-Earth magnetotail. Read more.

C. Lue, June 2018
ARTEMIS observations of solar wind proton scattering off the lunar surface

We have used ARTEMIS to study the properties of solar wind proton scattering off the lunar surface. The results are needed for understanding the scattered protons as a part of the lunar environment. The details of the scattering properties also point to interesting aspects that likely correspond to details of the microstructure of the lunar surface. Read more.

C.-P. Wang, October 2018
Impact of Transient Foreshock Perturbations on Mid-tail Magnetopause at X ~ –55 RE

Using multi-satellite observations, we show that dayside transient foreshock perturbations can propagate tailward and continuously affect the nightside magnetopause. Read more.

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