The Mission


Electric Field Instrument

Table of EFI Parameters

Table 1: Final deployed lengths of EFI boom systems.

AxisDeployed LengthNotes
X (V1, V2, E12)49.6-m tip-to-tipNone
Y (V3, V4, E34)40.4-m tip-to-tipNone
Z (V5, V6, E56)6.93-m tip-to-tip0.76-m whip-length; ≈6.2m whip center-to-center


Radial (SPB) sensors are 8-cm diameter, graphite-coated spheres suspended at the end of .009-inch diameter, ~3-m long stainless steel cables (fine wires) connected to the preamp inputs.

Axial (AXB) sensors are 0.75-m long, 4.8 to 7.0-mm diameter tapered whip stacers, with a 1.6-cm dia, 4.6-cm long can at the distal end. The entire whip and can surface is graphite-coated (DAG-213).