The Mission


Solid State Telescope

The THEMIS Solid State Telescope (SST) measures superthermal particle distribution functions, namely the number of ions and electrons coming towards the spacecraft from specified directions with specified energies within the energy range from 25 keV to 6 MeV.

Development Institution:
University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
SST Lead
D. Larson (UCB)

The THEMIS Solid StateTelescopes are packaged into two instrument heads, shown above. Each head consists of two double-sided telescopes measuring ions on one side and electrons on the other side. The telescopes are arranged side-by-side looking in opposite directions, such that each head is measuring ions and electrons on both sides. The heads are positioned as shown on the top right of this figure:

For more information on the SST, please look at this excerpt from Davin Larson’s presentation at the 2009 GEM workshop: [pdf file: Using the THEMIS energetic Particle Data]


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Configuration History: SST electrons

Configuration History: SST ions