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A.R. Poppe, January 2017
ARTEMIS Observations of Proton Reflection from Lunar Crustal Magnetic Fields

A statistical analysis of more than five years of ARTEMIS data has mapped the reflection of solar wind protons from the lunar surface and lunar crustal magnetic fields. Over the strongest crustal magnetic fields, ARTEMIS observed more than 10% of the solar wind is reflected by crustal fields before striking the lunar surface. Read more.

Anton Artemyev, January 2017
The magnetotail plasma sheet configuration: ARTEMIS as the most distant point in the magnetotail spacecraft constellation

The plasma temperature and density was profiled along the full length of Earth's magnetotail for the first time, using simultaneous observations by THEMIS, Geotail, and ARTEMIS. Read more.

Seth Dorfman, February 2017
Growth Rate Measurement of ULF Waves in the Ion Foreshock

The growth rate of Ultra Low Frequency waves generated by ions reflected in near-Earth space is measured for the first time; results match expected values computed from the concurrently observed ions. This result represents an important building block towards a full understanding of space weather disturbances that may damage sensitive infrastructure (communication satellites, power grids, etc). Read more.

Jasper Halekas, June 2017
Solar wind interactions with small-scale magnetic fields at the Moon

ARTEMIS' two-point measurements reveal the intricate details of solar wind interactions with enigmatic lunar magnetic fields. Read more.

Primož Kajdič, October 2017
Ion populations upstream of interplanetary shocks

The first ever observations of different ion populations (field aligned ion beams, gyrating ions, gyrophase bunched ions, intermediate ions, diffuse ions) upstream of a single interplanetary shock made by ARTEMIS. Read more.

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