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Summary plots of the THEMIS data quantities are provided online and are available from the THEMIS web site at

Selection can be made at the single- or multi-probe level and includes baselines of 24, 6, and 2 hours.

Single probe plot types include overview, probe-generated ESA moments, and ground-generated ESA moments. Each single probe overview plot contains ground-based magnetometer data, all-sky imager Keogram data, FGM magnetic field data, ESA density and velocity measurements, and energy flux spectrograms fro ions and electrons, SST energy flux spectrograms for ions and electrons, and dynamic power spectra from FBK. There is also a status bar which shows whether the spacecraft is in slow survey mode, fast survey mode or burst mode.

Multi-probe plot types include FGM, ESA Full, ESA Reduced, ESA Burst, SST Full, SST Reduced, burst memory level, and survey memory level. The FGM plots show fgl (low telemetry rate) and fgs (spin fit) magnetic field data in GSE coordinates, and a status bar for each spacecraft. For ESA and SST the electron and ion energy flux spectrograms are shown for each probe for full, reduced and burst modes.

Users wishing to view L2 THEMIS data within the context of observations by other missions should employ Users wishing to view THEMIS orbits within the context of other missions should employ